wild wedding flowersChoosing wild wedding flowers for your bouquet is one of the most exciting things to do! You have so many choices from flowers of various colors to size, shape and even smell. It’s the time to get creative! Many of us go to Pinterest or Instagram for ideas. We then would like to find the florist that can bring our dream bouquet true. It seems that everything is set into motion!

But, then, since you’ve never been or well-informed about wildflowers, you might want to read the following know-how and pitfalls to avoid!

Expensive flowers

Some flowers are priced pretty high per stem and can cost you a fortune when you try to use it as your centerpiece and on your bridesmaids’ bouquet. The price rises as you go further away from the season they are available on.

Finding replacements

But, don’t worry! Some budget flowers bear a similar appearance to these expensive flowers. Although you might have to sacrifice on your favorite color, you still get the style that you want!

They might not be as good as you think they are

Some flowers, like Baby’s breath, are famous for being cute and beautiful. Baby’s breath is a tiny clump of flower that fits when used as a buttonhole. However, many don’t realize the meaning of the flower’s name until they use it a large amount. Baby’s breath emits the smell of sour milk (like a baby’s) when a large amount of it gathers. So, if you’re going to use it for your bouquet, you may have to consider this drawback.

Other flowers, like Lily of the Valley, is known to be poisonous and dangerous when eaten. They are, however, do not kill when touch and so, if you are only using it as your wedding bouquet, there should not be a problem. But it might be if you allow pets into your wedding party as they may accidentally eat the flowers.

If choosing your wild wedding flowers seems to be a hard thing to do now, don’t worry because you can find out more at

Are they available?

You’ve probably found that one beautiful flower bouquet from Pinterest and wanted that as your wedding bouquet. But have you figured out if it’s available in your country during the season you’re getting married? Some flowers bloom for only a short amount of time. Importing would prove to be hard as it may not arrive as fresh as it should be.

You will have to discuss and ask your florist about the range of flowers that are available during the season or look for a replacement that blooms during your wedding.

Preserving wildflowers

The most florist will send your wild wedding flowers one day before your wedding. Because of that, you will have to work on preserving the freshness of the flower for 24 hours! It’s good to find out different natural preservatives you can use or buy one from your florist.

There are various methods you can use to keep the flowers fresh and blooming, ready for the wedding day. Whenever you are not sure about what you are doing, you can ask your florist about it. It’s better if you can ask how you can keep the flowers fresh for the day before receiving the flowers.