Photography Tips

newborn photographyAs a photographer who has never worked on his own newborn photography session, it’s important that you are able to know what each needs to prepare. Your client will also feel more at ease to know that his photographer knows what he’s doing and when they arrive, you are ready to brief them with what will happen during the session.

And here are what you need to prepare for the newborn photography session.

Clean set and props

First, make sure the location is clean for the newborn baby. This is an especially sensitive time for the few days old little humans, so you need to be extra careful about cleaning the room and area. Props should be cleaned when you first got them and after usage every day. The blankets should not have stains from previous babies or any other substances.

A clean place to work in will make the parents feel relieved to have entrusted the job to you. It will also be more comfortable for the baby.

Comfortably warm room

Keep the room warm throughout the session or at least the area where the baby is placed. If you are using a central heater, you can set it slightly higher than what is comfortable for you. The human body is generally warm and if the baby is placed there naked, you will want to crank up the temperature.

Another solution to this is to use a portable heater aimed directly at the baby from a good distance. This keeps the draft warm and the blankets as well as other props close-by warm and ready for use. You don’t want to jolt up the sleeping baby! But there is another great idea we get from a professional newborn photography provider, Sue Kennedy Photography.

Using warmed rice socks or eggs under the blankets work well as well. Eggs can crack if they fall, so rice socks are usually preferable, although you won’t be able to eat the rice anymore, you can still eat boiled eggs. You can also boil them repeatedly after they cool down.

Tired, but prepared

Mothers who only had their baby a few days ago are usually tired of preparing themselves and the baby. They are also tired of getting used to their new life, learning the new things about being a mother and are even mentally unstable at times. But it’s not like you didn’t know this was coming.

Help mothers prepare for what will happen in a newborn photography session. They need to know, for example, what they have to bring to the studio. They should also be informed on what they should wear for the photography session since parents are also encouraged to take part. A simple way you can help mother is to prepare some refreshments and a comfortable place from where they can see the photography session.

The things that you need to prepare are not complicated, are they? You just need to remember that the baby is still a sensitive little bundle of joy, so extra care has to be given. The mother is also still tired from the process, so make sure to let her know everything in advance and make her feel comfortable!


newborn photographerIt is most likely that as a new parent who just had the delivery of their child done in a nearby Denver hospital, the next thought would be about newborn photography from Denver to capture this momentous occasion. If this happens to be our first time as a parent, then get ready to learn how short the stage of a newborn is and you want to take advantage of the early stages of their birth to get the perfect pictures for keepsake. The process of evaluating a newborn photographer from Denver is not very easy as most people do not know the place to start from. The following are some ideas on how to go about making that decision:


One thing you need to know beforehand is the style of photography you need. For newborn photography, there are two different types available: lifestyle and stylized. The lifestyle style of newborn photographer is more laid back as the Denver newborn photographer is more likely going to meet you in your home and photograph the newborn in his or her natural setting. The newborn is then photographed against the backdrop of his or her parents and the family pets.

For a stylized session, the newborn will be in the nude but the genitals are hidden. The parents and fabrics serve as the prop for the session but they are done in a controlled environment as the lighting and temperature are crucial for obtaining the right shot. In different images, the newborn is highlighted in differing positions that show off the parts of the body from the face, legs, feet, toes, hands etc. Know that every style is an art on its own and finding the one that suits you is all that is needed.


It is wise to try getting your newborn photography done in your state as newborns are quite finicky and do not like travelling long distances. When doing a search for newborn photographers, try a localized search and from there, you can determine from the website of the photographer if newborn photography is a side hobby, a passion or a serious affair.


Before setting out to contract a newborn photographer, there are certain things you need to make sure you have available and if you do not, you need to start making the necessary calls to get them ready. Some of them are:

  • Insurance protection
  • What to expect from a photography session
  • What type of environment do the photographers photography the infants
  • Is there a limit to the number of newborn photography done in a month?

Although these are only a few questions, the first two must be asked even if you choose to ignore the others. If the photographer says they do not have insurance protection, then it would be wise of you to move on as you cannot endanger your child. Having insurance means that if something were to happen during the course of the shoot, you can get covered. Hire someone insured and reliable like this Denver newborn photographer (

Photography Tips

Professional photos taken of your newborn baby are extremely important.

newborn photographerThese first few photos are something extremely special and something that you should go ahead and hold very dear to your heart all of the time. You need to understand that finding yourself the perfect newborn photographer who will be able to provide all of your needs and all of the things that you have envisioned for your newborn baby is the most important thing that you need to accomplish so you need to start and get a headway with it the moment that the baby is about to be born. You even have the option to go ahead and start way before that if that is how you would like to get things done when it all comes down to it. You need to really take this task seriously because choosing the right kind of newborn photographer for your photo shoot can make all of the difference in the world if it is the kind of thing that you decide putting your mind to one way or the other.

Start early with the search for a newborn photographer.

Don’t wait until the very last minute because you are going to most likely end up with someone who isn’t really the best of all the best there is in the market. If you would like to really get your money’s worth for what you are paying for the services of the professional newborn photographer that you are planning to hire, then you need really plan things well ahead. Even if the baby hasn’t been born yet, it doesn’t mean you can’t plan for the photo shoot beforehand. The best timeline is usually around 10 days or less after the baby has been born. This means that you will be in a strategic setup and that you wouldn’t have to worry about worrying too much about how things will pan out because you have already gotten the buy in of your photographer of choice right from the get go. A pregnancy photo shoot would be fun as well so try to make sure that you don’t take that out of the equation the entire time that you are working things out.

10 days is the magic number that you are looking for or waiting for.

This is the time in the baby’s life wherein he hasn’t really acclimated that much to the outside world yet. He will spend most of his time eating and sleeping and it will work in your advantage. You and your photographer will be able to play around with all of those artsy and hard to get shots and you won’t end up bothering or irritating the baby because he will be asleep most times. Scheduling is everything. Get your Cheshire newborn photographer to remind you about this. You might have this slip your mind when you are busy with the initial shock and excitement of having a new member in the family. It’s better if you have someone checking up on you for the schedule of the photo shoot.


Go ahead and carve out

Calgary based newborn photography examplesTrying to go ahead and carve out a career in Calgary based newborn photography will actually turn out to be far trickier or more difficult than you would normally think or expect. Although this sounds like a fairly easy shoot to go through with, the thing is, trying to make your mark in the industry as the photographer that potential clients should be seeking out will turn out to be a longer process than you think.

First off, people don’t really think about newborn photography as something that is clearly delineated from the rest of the other photography niches out there. There’s a pretty good chance that they are most likely to ask their wedding photographer or any other photographer that they may know off-hand if that said photographer can cover newborn photography for them. And guess what, those photographers will most likely jump at the opportunity just as well. This may turn out to work out the same way for you. You might initially be interested in carving out your path in another photography niche but opportunities happened to come up for newborn photography and that’s not always a bad thing. Whatever drives income and a specialized niche will always turn out to be a good thing. The more you widen up your horizons, the better the revenue opportunities will turn out to be for you in the long run.

The age of the newborn baby matters.

This is one of the newborn photography examples of best practices from more established photographers that you should always keep in mind all of the time. You should go ahead and plan ahead of time if you can help it. There is a pretty good chance that most of the parents will be doing this as well. Some of them plan a photo shoot while the baby is still inside the mother’s womb and that’s a good thing. It means that you will be able to capture photos of the baby in his earliest babyhood phase.

Moments like these are precious and something that the parents actually go ahead and take a look at even as the years go by. The best time for you to schedule a newborn photo shoot is during the first 10 days of the baby’s life. This is a time wherein the baby is either feeding or asleep and he isn’t really doing anything much in between. It is the most strategic time for you as a newborn photographer to capture the baby in all of his purest essence because what this means is that he will still turn out to not really care about what’s going on around him and this is something that you can go ahead and use to your advantage.

Lighting is everything.

Go for indirect lighting as much as possible. Calgary based newborn photography examples of preparation and planning will usually dictate that you plan the newborn photo shoot out during the mid-morning. The sun is out but the light coming from it isn’t all that direct and glaring. You will also be able to produce diffused lighting this way because natural light will turn out to be the easiest kind of lighting to play around with at the end of the day.

Photography Tips

Harsh lighting

newborn photographyThe first rule in newborn photography is for you to keep in mind of the fact that newborn babies are highly sensitive to harsh lighting. Their eyes are not yet all that adapted to the outside world. This is the main reason why you should always opt to go for natural light as much as possible whenever you have a newborn photography shoot to organize at the end of the day. Babies tend to find flash photography or any other sporadic bursts of extremely bright lighting a bit disconcerting and annoying. This can really ruin their mood and this might end up cutting your newborn photography shoot short. You need to make it a point to organize your shoot somewhere airy and somewhere wherein a lot of natural light can stream through without too much effort. This will make your job as a newborn photographer easier to pull off and at the same time, you are also ensuring that you will be able to come up with something easy on the eyes for the baby and something that can turn out to have really flattering results at the end of the day.

First ten days

The first ten days of the newborn baby’s life should be your goal time frame if you are planning out a newborn photography shoot. Talk to the parents about this. They should be informed about how crucial the first ten days of the baby’s life are for newborn photography. The baby has not acclimated all that much to the outside world just yet. At some point, it will mostly be sleeping. This will allow you to go ahead and work your shots in for your newborn photography shoot. You will not have a lot of time so make sure that you get to make the most out of the opportunity when it presents itself up to you at the end of the day. Although newborn photography Oxfordshire has always been a bit challenging, it does have certain windows wherein you will be able to go ahead and take advantage of it in the best possible ways and you won’t really have too much of a hard time the entire time that you are at it.


Talk to the parents about the concept of playing around with props during the newborn photography shoot. Props and newborn photography really do come hand in hand. This is something that you need to pitch to the parents pretty early on. There might be a few who might not really be on board with the idea. You need to know what their take is on this well ahead of time so that you still have enough time to steer towards a different direction in the event that they would like to opt for something else somewhere along the way. Make sure that the props that you use as tasteful and are always safe for the newborn baby. Any rough surfaces or sharp edges should be avoid at all costs and they should all be cleaned and sterilized ahead of time as well.