Photography Tips, Weddings

luxury wedding photographyAfter hearing about the benefits of getting more wedding photographers for luxury wedding photography, you are probably thinking about getting it. You’ve also seen how some others prefer to only hire one wedding photographer for their special day. Some of their pictures look good enough and it doesn’t seem like more can do better.

So, which choice should you make? Is hiring two photographers better or one?

Finding out what you need

Every photographer is different including their capability. Some are confident in handling a wide are as long as they know the place while others would prefer to be safe by getting an assistant to help them with the job. That is why it’s important that you know how many guests as well as how big your party is going to be. If it’s very big, you will obviously do better with two photographers.

It also depends on what your professional photographer thinks. If he concludes that he won’t be able to do it as well alone, you need to listen to his advice and get two of them for the day.

Some photographers…

They work in pairs instead of alone. You don’t get to choose when you hire these photographers because they don’t work alone at all as they have their own responsibilities in the job. Most of the time, one is a lead photographer while the other is more of an assistant that takes care of the equipment and bride’s/groom’s looks.

But there are photographers who usually work alone in providing luxury wedding photography like They are used to taking care of everything themselves, although, they won’t be as attentive as two people can. But in terms of photography skills, you don’t have to doubt them at all.

More pictures of various angles

With more photographers running, you get more pictures from your special day as two cameras are working at the same time. They can look at different things and even capture the same moment from a different angle. This proves to be useful to capture special moments like the wedding kiss or first dance.

While your lead photographer focuses on taking group pictures, the other can go around and capture everything else around the venue. This makes it possible to not waste a single moment just because the photographer is tied to one place. The only problem is you will have a hard time trying to fit in all those pictures into the wedding album!


Some photographers who work together only offers a lower price compared to hiring someone with an assistant. It’s still different between photographers, so you need to make sure of it by asking them. Also worth noting that the price of adding another photographer doesn’t always cost a lot depending on the skill or role of the second shooter.

Some photographers only bring an assistant that shoots less important things like decorations, souvenirs, guests and things that the lead might miss as he focuses on the main couple. But your luxury wedding photography can be said captured from all possible angles if you get two photographers.