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How to Plan Your First Newborn Photography Session

newborn photographyAs a photographer who has never worked on his own newborn photography session, it’s important that you are able to know what each needs to prepare. Your client will also feel more at ease to know that his photographer knows what he’s doing and when they arrive, you are ready to brief them with what will happen during the session.

And here are what you need to prepare for the newborn photography session.

Clean set and props

First, make sure the location is clean for the newborn baby. This is an especially sensitive time for the few days old little humans, so you need to be extra careful about cleaning the room and area. Props should be cleaned when you first got them and after usage every day. The blankets should not have stains from previous babies or any other substances.

A clean place to work in will make the parents feel relieved to have entrusted the job to you. It will also be more comfortable for the baby.

Comfortably warm room

Keep the room warm throughout the session or at least the area where the baby is placed. If you are using a central heater, you can set it slightly higher than what is comfortable for you. The human body is generally warm and if the baby is placed there naked, you will want to crank up the temperature.

Another solution to this is to use a portable heater aimed directly at the baby from a good distance. This keeps the draft warm and the blankets as well as other props close-by warm and ready for use. You don’t want to jolt up the sleeping baby! But there is another great idea we get from a professional newborn photography provider, Sue Kennedy Photography.

Using warmed rice socks or eggs under the blankets work well as well. Eggs can crack if they fall, so rice socks are usually preferable, although you won’t be able to eat the rice anymore, you can still eat boiled eggs. You can also boil them repeatedly after they cool down.

Tired, but prepared

Mothers who only had their baby a few days ago are usually tired of preparing themselves and the baby. They are also tired of getting used to their new life, learning the new things about being a mother and are even mentally unstable at times. But it’s not like you didn’t know this was coming.

Help mothers prepare for what will happen in a newborn photography session. They need to know, for example, what they have to bring to the studio. They should also be informed on what they should wear for the photography session since parents are also encouraged to take part. A simple way you can help mother is to prepare some refreshments and a comfortable place from where they can see the photography session.

The things that you need to prepare are not complicated, are they? You just need to remember that the baby is still a sensitive little bundle of joy, so extra care has to be given. The mother is also still tired from the process, so make sure to let her know everything in advance and make her feel comfortable!