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How Difficult Can It Be to Write a Wedding Speech?


wedding speechA wedding is a special celebration of love that a couple usually spends with their relatives and close friends. In preparing for this occasion, there are many things that a couple has to go through and work on. They need to choose wedding vendors to help them with the wedding preparations. They also have to look for the wedding items they need, scout wedding venues, choose for a wedding gown style, and attend rehearsals and so much more.

Who to Thank In Your Speech

Fortunately, couples are able to cope up with all of these tasks through the help of the people around them. Relatives help them look for suppliers and wedding professionals. Friends recommend venues, wedding items and even people to hire. What makes a wedding less stressful is when your closest help together to make everything easier for you. In return, most couples show or express their appreciation to significant individuals through the wedding speech they deliver during their wedding.

Wedding speeches are usually delivered during the wedding party. You will notice important members of the family saying something about the couple and their relationship and this is also the time that the couple delivers their thank you or wedding speech to express their joy over the support they received from their families and different individuals.

What to Include

The newlywed couple can either choose one of them to deliver a wedding speech or both of them give their own separately. Most of the time, the bride is the one who deliver and gives a longer speech. Of course, to avoid getting the guests bored, the couple must plan well on what to include in their wedding speech.

Now, how difficult can it be to write a wedding speech?

A couple has many things to thank to and people to give thanks for. They also need to narrate some parts of their relationship in their wedding speech. So, what do you really have to write in your wedding speech?

Well, to make your wedding speech less boring and more interesting to listen to, it would be best to write a draft of what you want to say. List the names of the most important people you want to give thanks to. You do not necessarily have to mention them one by one. You can just refer to them in one group like “co-workers”. The most important to mention are your parents, in-laws and the individuals who really helped big time during your wedding preparation like your wedding coordinator, your best friend who accompanied you during the gown fitting or in interviewing wedding professionals.

You should also give a short summary of how your relationship blossomed and what your plans are for the future. Make sure your voice is clear and not boring to listen to. Try not to go beyond ten minutes when delivering your talk. Remember also to speak from the heart and share good, positive experiences so everybody will remember your wedding for how wonderful it went.