Photography Tips

How a Photobooth Defines ‘Fun’!

hire a photoboothA lot of people think they’re fun and they’re about to throw the best wedding party ever. They think they cannot top it anymore and they’ve prepared the best. If that’s you, C’mon, we know you can do better.

Hire a photobooth and you’ll see what we’re talking about.

Fun times with better quality

Photobooths in the past are always printing out low-quality pictures. You can barely see the people standing behind you and the guy that’s in front of the camera is the most visible one. 10 years from now and you’ve probably forgotten who it was that stood behind you. But no more that.

The new generation of photobooths is setting up the standard. Crystal clear pictures quality can be printed immediately. You can see all the details, even the acne on your face, yes, that small acne. That’s how good the cameras are these days and you shouldn’t be worried about shoving your crazy group into one frame!

More props, more insane ideas

People are crazy, but we know that the right stuff can make us crazier. Professional provider always prepares all the props you need to appear nuts, cheesy, pinky or simply you. Play to your heart’s content in front of the camera!

These props are usually provided free from the owner, but you can also include your own props or ask to have some customized for you.

Stickers and filters

And now you can also alter the look on your face with some creative filters on the booth. Hire a photobooth from and you’ll get to try them for your next event or wedding party!

Depending on the type of camera, you can sometimes only use filters on the pictures. The one that still uses that box style allows you more freedom to edit the pictures, so you can add stickers to your pictures, or use a different mode to capture the picture.

Fun in your way

Another way to really create a photobooth that is memorable is to decorate the interior to your liking. Some that simply puts a camera on a tripod allows you to use the venue or a different place for the background. You can even design your own ‘booth’ and place the camera in there.

The one that still uses the box type of photobooth can have the inside of it decorated to a theme that represents your event. It makes the pictures captured different from others because there’s your touch in the background. So, instead of letting them take just another picture in a photobooth, make it that they’re having a great time at your party!

In your budget!

What’s better than being able to create a source of entertainment that is not expensive and flexible? Professional providers usually provide a butler that will help to open or close the booth at your request. The time range is flexible and cost usually don’t exceed $1,000. You can even hire a photobooth around $400-$500! Just spend time to look over the choices.