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portait pohotographyA lot of people love photography and think that it means they should go into the business and become a portrait photographer. This isn’t always the case. Although a love of photography is a must for people who go into the business, there is a lot more to it. Think hard about if it is the right thing for you to do.

The first thing to think about is if you have the business mind to be a portrait photographer. You will have to run a business and know how to handle all of that. It isn’t just taking photos of other people. You will need to know how to take care of your books, have a business plan, learn about advertising and know how to find customers.

People will start photography businesses too early. They think they are ready but they are not. It is best to wait until you can give all of your customers a wonderful photo no matter what the environment. In order to get to this point, it will take a lot of practice.

If you feel like you want to be a portrait photographer but don’t feel ready, there are a few things you can do to help get yourself there. You can take photography classes or find a training online just like what this event photographer. You can talk to others in the business and be committed to learning all that you can.


After you have done this for a while you can start to ask friends or coworkers if you can practice on them. You would give them a free session in return for a good review and to allow you to use those photos in their portfolio. This is a good idea because it gives you a lot of time to practice and  your friends will be able to get photos done.

Business license

After you feel like you are ready, you can apply for a business licence as start your career as a portrait photographer. You will need to make sure you have pricing all set up and that you are ready to take paying customers. After you have done all of that you can start your business.


Make sure you understand how taxes work and what you can do to make it easier for you each month. Hiring a CPA might be the best idea. That way you won’t forget anything that might be important.

During your time as a portrait photographer, you need to make sure you keep up on your skills and your equipment. You don’t want to fall behind. The good news is that there is a lot of information out there about this online and offline. See what you can find in your area.

Great career

Once you have been working as a portrait photographer you will start to see how great a career it can be. You will be able to capture people and families. You will be giving them something that they will keep forever and that is a special way to make a living.

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wedding photography tipsCovering a wedding is a huge deal. There are so many different variables at play. A wedding is an extremely emotionally charged event and what you need to understand is the fact that being appointed or hired as the official Seattle wedding photographer, be it professionally or just as a favor for friends and family, comes along with quite a lot of responsibilities and risks. You need to have more than just a few tricks up your sleeves but more than that, you need to be practical and set realistic goals both for yourself and for the couple you are covering the wedding for. Always keep in mind that they have entrusted you to document the most meaningful and binding event in their lives. It is something that they will eventually look back on even years after the said event has happened.

Always look out for architectural lines

Strong architectural lines look really awesome on wedding photos. This is particularly the reason why you need to be able to scout the location ahead of time so that you will be able to plan your shots ahead of time and so that you will have everything down pat once the wedding day is actually in full swing. Architectural lines look great because they look classic and bring in a really strong foundation for as far as framing the couple is concerned.

wedding photographyPlay with the camera tilt

You don’t always have to be trapped with shooting the images in upgright positions such as portrait or landscape formats. Tilting brings in a fresh new perspective and an undertone of motion which is always exciting in wedding photography. Be creative and work with your guts. You will eventually get a pulse for this and the more you get to practice, the more this will feel like second nature to you.

Always pay attention to detail

You may not know this yet but your clients actually notice the littlest things that you put into the details. That is because it usually translates towards the images that you put out. Be keen in looking out for photo opportunities like these. The guests and even the couple may not feel it is an important shot right off the bat but once the event is offer and done with, they see this shot you took of a wedding detail so small, like the design of the name cards on the tables, for example; and everything will come flooding back to them – memories and whatnot. Talk about delayed gratification.

Make friends and always expand your network of connections

Believe it or now, the key to thriving in the business of wedding photography is to always tap into your connections. So make friends with everyone in charge of bringing the wedding event together. Chat with the florists. Make friends with the wedding event planner. Make small talk with the caterers. Strike up a funny conversation with the venue hosts or even the masters of ceremony. This will usually tip you off if there are any up and coming events which may eventually translate into you getting another client and another wedding gig for your wedding photography business.

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home photo studioWhen putting up a photography business, some photographers need to have their own photo studio. The photo studio is where they will be accepting clients for a portrait photo session. And since, renting a space in a commercial establishment can be costly; a good alternative would be to have your own home photo studio.

A home photo studio is a practical solution for you to earn an income without having to travel far to a rented or going outside your home. You only need a room inside your home that you can convert into your own home photo studio. Here are 6 steps on how you can do it.

  1. Find a spacious, exclusive space

The room you will choose to convert into a studio must not be too small. It must be spacious enough so as not to affect your output image. The recommended area is at least 20feet deep and 15 feet wide. This should give you an area for storing your equipment and enough space for you to move around when taking pictures of your client. The room must preferably have a high ceiling of at least 20 feet so you can shoot great pictures even when your subject is standing.

  1. Have a big window

Once you have chosen dedicated space as your studio, you need to make sure that natural light can get inside the room. Have a big window set so light can get in. Prepare some curtains or blinds that you can use though to limit the light getting inside the room.

  1. Assign areas in the room

Your home photo studio must be divided into 3 areas: a small receiving area, the shooting space and the storage area. The receiving area can be a small space with a few chairs where the next client can stay while waiting for his/he turn for a photo session. The shooting area must be the largest part in the room and it can be separated from the receiving with a curtain or wall divider. And then, your storage can be a small space with preferably a cabinet to keep your valuable photography equipment inside.

  1. Set up your backdrop

To save on costs, you can have a painted wall as your background or have a wall mount set and hang rolls of paper. This can give you several backgrounds to choose from for a particular type of shoot. You can also use different textiles as your background. Just choose colors that are commonly used in portrait shoots.

  1. Position your tripod, flash and reflector

Once you have setup your backdrop, you must now position you tripod, flash and other accessories. You can use your tripod when you need to stabilize your camera while a flash can be used when there is not much light inside the room. When using a flash, it would be wise to bounce it off using a reflector. You can choose a bounce card or another accessory as reflector.

  1. Finalize and clean up the area

Now that everything seems to be ready, it is important to check for other possible issues like the noise coming from other parts of your house. Make sure the door of your studio is always closed so less to no noise can get in.

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wedding photographyIf you’re a photographer and it’s your first time to shoot a wedding, there’s a good 9 out of 10 chances that you’re probably freaking out by now. The fear of the unknown is the worst. Even more so, you have no idea what actually transpires during that said event from the perspective of the photographer since it is your first time to do it. However, as with all things, we try to supply you with the basics to help you through the situation a bit. A good foundation and a few tips from the pros never hurt anyone, particularly those who are just starting.

So read on and try to keep mental notes of the things listed here and you should be just fine when you prep up for your very first wedding photography client. It always helps to have someone sort of walk you through and hold your hand all throughout the first few steps of your wedding photography challenge, after all.

The thing with weddings and shooting them is that you are being tasked to document one of the most important days of their lives. Paid or not, that alone should be reason enough for you be bring you’re a game on and put your best food forward.

Come armed and prepare

Prepping your gear, knowing how all the elements work, and basically upgrading to the most competitive gear out there is one of the best first steps you can ever take as you delve into wedding photography. Make sure you are aware of and know how to use all the settings and work out all of the options readily available to you. This is the only way for you to be able to manipulate the gear to work to your advantage.

Familiarize yourself with the venue

Knowing the location like the back of your hand and familiarizing yourself well in advance gives you the advantage of knowing where the good photo op spots are. You also tend to know about where the light goes in and you get to play with it to make your photos look amazing. This is particularly helpful if you need to choreograph the photos and actually provide directions for the poses.

Come up with a task list

This sounds arcane and traditional but only because it works and has been followed by so many people under different industries and fields, not just photography. This will give you laser like focus and a bit of a guide on what to do first, then next. It will also make sure that you don’t leave anything out. Eventually, you’ll be able to commit this to memory and it will feel as if muscle memory can save the day for you but if you’re just starting out, an actual physical list is your savior.

Consider an on-the-job training

This is something you don’t have to do for a long time but before you start taking in clients of your own, try to pair up with a more established wedding photographer and offer to assist. This will get your feet wet for when you are shooting your own client. Experience is the best teacher, after all. So get out there and bask in the experience.

Practice makes perfect

This may sound odd but a fake wedding isn’t actually such a bad idea. Suggest a group project with your friends. Bring your friends together for a fake wedding photo shoot. This will give you ideas on how to stage the photos, how to visualize it, and how to actually capture it in such a way that it transfers just so on the images.

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beach wedding tipsWeddings are a huge deal. After all, it signifies the union not only of 2 people, it also brings along the coming together of two families, the collision and meshing of two lives, their friends’ lives, and just about everything else concerning those two people. That’s why thinking about where the location is should come right at the very top of the list of things that should be considered and thoroughly thought about when planning for one.

The Beach – A Popular Wedding Venue

One of the most popular wedding venues would be having it by the beach, and why not? It’s gorgeous, paradise-like, and pretty much gets you covered for as far as the backdrop is concerned. Sure, there are things you need to be wary of, such as the proximity of the location and the unpredictability of the weather. But it’s nothing a little planning and research can’t cover (Hello, weather forecasts?). Overall, a beach wedding is special, beautiful, and just unorthodox enough to bring out the adventurous lovers out of the bride and groom.

So why go for a beach wedding? Well, for starters, it’s way more budget-friendly as opposed to your traditional church wedding. Sure, you may have planned for it and probably saved a ton for that special day but let’s be real here, it can’t hurt if you get to save a small king’s ransom on the venue alone, right? And just to put things into perspective, a traditional church wedding would cost at least $15,000 for just the venue. Is the price hefty? Yes. Is it necessary? Absolutely not.

Advantages of a Beach Wedding

Also, having a beach wedding sort of rolls everything in one place and in one package. You have the ceremony and the reception venue right then and there! Not only is this extremely convenient for you and your guests, but it also provides a more relaxed and laidback backdrop for your family and friends. After all, this is a celebration of the union of two loved ones, and it doesn’t have to be stiff and prim and proper all the time. And speaking of having it all in one go, if it’s a destination wedding in some exotic beach, you don’t have to be whisked away for your honeymoon and have it there instead as well!

Beach Wedding is Practical

Now, this may sound a bit insensitive but if you’re struggling with a growing guest list, a destination wedding is the perfect answer to keeping it small and cozy. I mean, when you really come to think about it, it all starts making sense. Only the people who actually matter and who finds you and your partner special will actually go through the trouble and the costs of even going to the venue.

Delving into something that’s not traditional and out of the box may scare you at first but at the end of the day, a beach wedding really isn’t such a bad idea. You get a presumably perfect weather since you’re holding it in some exotic location, you get to keep your guest list small, you get to have your ceremony, reception, and even honeymoon venue all in one place and you get to cut down on your costs! Whoever said a dream wedding needs to break the bank?

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wedding speechA wedding is a special celebration of love that a couple usually spends with their relatives and close friends. In preparing for this occasion, there are many things that a couple has to go through and work on. They need to choose wedding vendors to help them with the wedding preparations. They also have to look for the wedding items they need, scout wedding venues, choose for a wedding gown style, and attend rehearsals and so much more.

Who to Thank In Your Speech

Fortunately, couples are able to cope up with all of these tasks through the help of the people around them. Relatives help them look for suppliers and wedding professionals. Friends recommend venues, wedding items and even people to hire. What makes a wedding less stressful is when your closest help together to make everything easier for you. In return, most couples show or express their appreciation to significant individuals through the wedding speech they deliver during their wedding.

Wedding speeches are usually delivered during the wedding party. You will notice important members of the family saying something about the couple and their relationship and this is also the time that the couple delivers their thank you or wedding speech to express their joy over the support they received from their families and different individuals.

What to Include

The newlywed couple can either choose one of them to deliver a wedding speech or both of them give their own separately. Most of the time, the bride is the one who deliver and gives a longer speech. Of course, to avoid getting the guests bored, the couple must plan well on what to include in their wedding speech.

Now, how difficult can it be to write a wedding speech?

A couple has many things to thank to and people to give thanks for. They also need to narrate some parts of their relationship in their wedding speech. So, what do you really have to write in your wedding speech?

Well, to make your wedding speech less boring and more interesting to listen to, it would be best to write a draft of what you want to say. List the names of the most important people you want to give thanks to. You do not necessarily have to mention them one by one. You can just refer to them in one group like “co-workers”. The most important to mention are your parents, in-laws and the individuals who really helped big time during your wedding preparation like your wedding coordinator, your best friend who accompanied you during the gown fitting or in interviewing wedding professionals.

You should also give a short summary of how your relationship blossomed and what your plans are for the future. Make sure your voice is clear and not boring to listen to. Try not to go beyond ten minutes when delivering your talk. Remember also to speak from the heart and share good, positive experiences so everybody will remember your wedding for how wonderful it went.