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Awesome Newborn Photography Ideas

newborn baby photographerTwo things can be expected when you contract newborn photography by Sue Kennedy and that is fun moments and beautiful photographs. The best memories are those ones that involve sweet or fun moments with family members and friends and once they are captured on camera, it leads to the beautiful photographs. Newborn photography by Sue Kennedy aims to bring out the fun aspects with the following ideas:

Baskets and boxes

Most individuals are of the conception that all newborns do is vary between the stages of sleeping and eating. This however is not the case as babies also love to have fun and play. There is nothing cuter than gazing at a newborn in a basket and if you were to hand them a little box to play with, it serves as a good way to grab their attention.

Wooden letters

When making use of props, most newborn photographers do not stray from the norm in a bid to prevent unprecedented situations. As a result, it will not be strange to find out that wooden props are abstained from due to the fact that if not properly sanded, a silver of wood can be dangerous to the newborn. But there is no denying the fact that they not only look awesome as props but symbolise knowledge. If wooden letters are a safety worry, then you can try the alternative of plastic letters.

Brightly Painted furniture

Any brightly painted prop will provide a burst of colour to any picture even if the furniture happens to be in the dreariest of places. For newborn photography, brightly painted furniture brings the fun element into the pictures and conveys the playful nature of the photographs.

Stuffed animals

Babies love toys, stuffed animals are cute toys, cute toys and cute newborns make for cute newborn photographs. The stuffed animals serve as the simplest props you can ever come across in newborn photography simply by the fact that most newborns are granted their stuff toys by family and friends. For the newborn photographer, it is not an expensive prop to have so letting it feature in the pictures does more good than harm.

  • Baby hammocks

A natural baby hammock performs the same swinging motions that a baby cot or crib would do when a newborn is laid in it. There is also no denying the fact that the baby hammocks provide a comfortable place for the babies to rest in while the photo shoot is ongoing. This prop can be used in getting relaxed shots of the baby. Hammocks are known to be tricky so it is important to keep watch over the baby to avoid any disasters.

Make use of flowers

Flowers are beautiful and newborns are cute. Unless there is a serious allergy already discovered, then there is nothing wrong in making use of flowers as the background, backdrop or even layout for the pictures. A simple garland wreath placed on the head or neck of the child also indicates festive cheer.